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 Akutagawa, Kuro, Wife | Shimogakure | 36
Kuro Akutagawa
 Posted: Jul 8 2018, 08:30 PM

Awards: None


Chakra Level:

Due to being a pure Izumi, Kuro has the extreme chakra reserve of her clan. Though it is slightly less than Yin's.

Natural Affinity:


Other Affinities:

See Yin Izumi and Sakka Izumi for a description of the Akuma Metsuki.

Kuro specializes in genjutsu and medical ninjutsu. She is proficient in ninjutsu, taijutsu, and kenjutsu, but is now retired and rusty on her skills.

Kuro is the daughter of Kaede and Kotone Izumi. She is the twin sister of Warui Izumi. The two were born on a warm summer night into the Izumi clan outside Getsugakure. Her family was part of the royal family, her mother a sister to the matriarch. It determined that Kuro and Warui would both be put in line for leadership behind any female children produced by the matriarch, even being favored over any male children borne from her.

Their place in line was solidified two years later when the matriarch birthed a girl. Warui would be next in line with Kuro following after. This position made them carry responsibility even from a young age. Kuro was relentlessly trained alongside her sister in the Yin release and Genjutsu. They were encouraged to learn to activate Akuma Metsuki and begin learning to use it for manipulation. The two were molded into Izumi culture and taught the clan's history and ways, often tested to repeat it as they grew older.

Her branch of the family was responsible for diplomatic relations. This meant the two girls often traveled to Shimogakure in order to stay with the Akutagawa clan, who the Izumi formed an alliance with long before their birth. It was very different from Getsugakure. The two girls found happiness in playing with the children there while the adults handled negotiations. While back in Getsugakure, they continued their training duties alongside babysitting the future matriarch of the clan.

Their peaceful life lasted till their fifth year, when it all fell apart. Unknown to the girls, a distress signal was sent forth prior to the attack. They were with their parents when it happened. The Izumi were attacked. Two clans collided and incited a war, ending with mass slaughter of the Izumi. They fought till their last breaths. Kuro watched her parents get taken down while protecting the matriarch's daughter. The matriarch fled with her daughter bloodied and bruised. Meanwhile, Kuro and Warui were rescued by members of Akutagawa that arrived just in time.

The two girls were taken to Shimogakure where they were adopted into the clan based on the Akutagawa-Izumi alliance. The girls stayed and attended Shimo's academy. Warui decided to return to Getsugakure once she turned 12, deciding she wanted to become a kunoichi for Getsugakure rather than Shimogakure. She was sent back once arrangements for her care were made. Kuro, on the other hand, went through with the training and ultimately became a kunoichi for Shimogakure.

Adopting the Akutagawa name, she was able to hide her Izumi heritage from the world. She became close friends to Sanraku Akutagawa. The two had played as young children during diplomatic visits, though Kuro remembers those times better than San-ku, who was just a baby. Their relationship became more solid as Kuro lived and grew with the clan. Some could say they were romantic without necessarily being so. The attraction was still there.

Being in the Akutagawa, she was able to become proficient in kenjutsu. Not as proficient as its members, but she knew how to swing a sword. She excelled as a kunoichi, showing a strong and excellent chakra control. This led to encouragement for her to learn medical techniques. She decided they were useful techniques, but her focus was on another path.

Eventually making her way to jonin at 20, she was going all the way. ANBU. Kuro distinguished herself as a kunoichi and, with her skills, was accepted into ANBU at age 26. This was the same year she had an affair with Sanraku, who had just married two years earlier. This affair went on until she was 28, ending just 6 months before Sanraku vanished. Kuro was devastated by what he'd done. Killing his brother, wife, and child was unforgivable to the clan and to her.

In her despair, she continued her work as ANBU and did what she could to support the Akutagawa clan, who supported her in her darkest hours. When Baito sent her to kill Sanraku, Kuro willingly went. She was guaranteed a spot in the clan in exchange for his death. Still, Kuro couldn't bring herself to do it. She loved Sanraku. The two devised a plot that made it seem that Sanraku was dead and left it at that. Upon completion of the mission, Baito proposed to Kuro. Her spot in the clan would be as the wife of the clan leader - and wife of the Kage of Shimogakure.

Kuro married Baito, though she still loved Sanraku. She bore him a son, Takehiko, and retired from her ninja life. A civilian, her life became consumed by motherhood. Though, she did see Sanraku again. Their reunion ended in a second pregnancy and Kuro birthing her second son, Takashi. She kept her affair a secret from Baito, claiming Takashi was his son. The two being brothers, it was indistinguishable that Baito wasn't the father.

In recent years, Kuro has had a daughter, Rei. Kuro is a doting mother and strong wife alongside Baito. Even retired, she is a force to be reckoned with.


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