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to Naruto Gaiden: Arise

It is now in the time of the next generation. The youth are coming forward, flourishing into new roles as genin and opening their opportunity for potential. With the legends of their parents coming to a close, it is now their time to step up and shine. It is their time to rise up. Meanwhile, old and new foes alike bide their time and perfect past mistakes. They move undetected and unseen, moving their pieces across the board in preparation to strike.
Next generation. No word count. 3/3/3 rating.


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Next Chunin Exam: July

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 Kiryu, Kota [WIP], Ninja, Genin, Yukigakure
Kota Kiryu
 Posted: Jun 8 2018, 05:42 PM

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Kota Kiryu | Jounin | Genjutsu | Ninja
known aliases
Tata (by his mother)
age & birthdate
Sixteen - 12 March
birth place
4'7" (145 cm) | 108 lbs (49 kg)
physical features
If you would ask one's first-opinion on Kota, they would unmistakeably call him out on his small figure. Kota appears undeniably much shorter than the average height for his age, inconveniently coming off as a nine-year-old or so. While his timid, slim shaped body furthers this assumption, he also weighs less than average, contributing to a fragile and quite weak form. And even more doll-like, his skin is a pale shade that often brings out the crimson in his cheeks whenever he blushes. With messy, milk-white locks, Kota's hair matches pleasantly with the bright golden shade of his tired-appearing eyes.
unique physical features
With skin free of blemishes and scars, it is noticeble how Kota has been strictly kept away from danger. As mentioned, his skin is almost doll-like for how pale and fine it is. He might secretly be a doll, who knows.
clan and/or family
Natural Affinity: Water | Mastered

Other Affinities:Wind | Novice

Primary Specialization: Ninjutsu

Secondary Specialization: Genjutsu

Weakness: Taijutsu

Chakra Reserve: Mid
Full Jutsu descriptions

Clan Jutsus:

Spiritual World of Darkness

Lunar Eclipse of Death

Summoning Technique


Body Flicker Technique

Flying Swallow/Chakra Blade: Straight Line

Flying Thunder God Slash

Ice Sword Technique

Ice Prison Technique

Manipulated Shuriken Technique

Manipulated Tools: Ten Thousand Wild Heavenly Blades

Mist Servant Technique

Shadow Shuriken Technique

Snowfall Technique

Water Release: Gunshot

Water Release: Wild Water Wave
Advancement Ages
Genin: 12

Chūnin: 13

Jōnin: 15
Likes & Dislikes
  • Sweets
  • Sleeping
  • Small objects
  • Confined spaces (Claustrophobia)
  • Loud noises/voices
  • Aggressive people
The standard perception of Kota is a shy, innocent child. Which is partly true. Although he's no child, the rest is the most fitting description one would give of him. The boy barely socializes and has about two people in his social circle. His mother, Noona and her husband. Is' actually depressing to say the least. Either way, Kota is too shy to talk to strangers, however when he does, he is found to be quite appeasing, often charming them despite the lack of initiation.

Kota's slight experience of the outside world has led him to believe that there is little to no evil. However, we all know that the shinobi world consists of plenty filth and corruption. Kota's constant confinement has created an entirely different world for the boy. A naive one. Of course, at the smallest of incidents, Kota can break out in tears. Having not experienced much dismay, the slightest of trouble can spark anxiety in the boy and prompt him to hide.
The past of Kota's changes drastically in a matter of a few months and because the boy has little to no recollection of those periods, he doesn't understand the horror of it all. To speak of Kota's past, one would have to mention the first and foremost incidents that occurred in Yukigakure, starting from a long time ago. When the first members of a certain clan, called Kiryu, came to the Land of Snow, nobody expected the amount of power they would reign in. From the great abilities they came with to the immense power and greed they ended up with, a storm was to be created in the previously peaceful village. People despised them, held a grudge against them but most importantly feared them. With the strong genjutsu they possessed, nobody had the courage to step up to them. Or so it was assumed.

One day, all authority was stripped away from the kage as it was decided by an opposing clan leader to erase the bloodline. The massacre was immense, all clan members meeting their miserable fate; death. And so, clan leader Reiga was to take control. You might be asking, where was Kota through all of this? Well, hiding of course.

He was only five when he was forced to watch as his father rushingly carried him away from a burning home after losing sight of Kota's mother. Through fire and several torn down buildings, Kota would never understand why the people of the village were screaming in agony. After all, his face had been stuffed into the shoulder of his parent through the entire trip. A trip that had ended at a small cottage in the forest. With last, reassuring words, the boy's father had turned to go look for his wife, leaving Kota alone in fear. The boy had stayed for a long while. He had waited and waited but his father never returned as promised. Nobody came back for him. In fact, it felt like an eternity before the commotion quietened down and after what felt like an eternity someone had found him. It wasn't his father. Neither was it his mother, but it was definitely a woman.

In the following years, Kota ended up being adopted by a quite wealthy, young woman. The woman called Noona, unable to have children of her own in contrast to her wishes of at least one child, had found Kota to be too cute to leave alone. After finding out he was a member of the Kiryu clan, she had practically begged Reiga to keep him. Of course, he had refused profusely in the beginning, arguing about the risk of having another Kiryu clan member grow up and take control but with a little bit of insisting and bargaining, the woman was able to both adopt the boy as well as save him from the same demise of his clan members. Ironically enough, she was of the same clan that had murdered Kota's, but he was to not find out about that and neither was the village. In fact, she had issued that he never finds out about his bloodline either, so his powers would never manifest, something both Reiga and the woman had concluded together.

And so Kota grew up in a wealthy and pleasant household with his prosperous family. Because of reasons he did not comprehend, Kota was prohibited from exiting the residence. He was to play inside the large house or spend a short amount of time in the garden, prompting him to spend more time with his new mother. Because of this, not only did the relationship with Noona stretch but he also became quite coy and modest, shying away from strangers, kids his age and most importantly the world.

There came a time when Noona's husband urged his wife to teach Kota some kind of ninjutsu. Unlike the boy, they understood the dangers of the shinobi world and wanted no threat to reach their one and only child. So, Noona hired the best blacksmith in the village to forge a blade for the boy. At first, it was meant to be a sword. However, Noona noticed Kota's distate in the large and heavy weapon so she opted to make it smaller, more fitting. This bladewould be Kota's primary weapon in combat, essentially protecting him from danger.

Okay, now you might ask how he obtained his powers and all that. We're coming to it!

Again, it happened on one day, after Kota's training session. Noona had watched as Kota's mentor taught him different methods of swinging the blade and eventually left them after the session was finished. As they had lingered around the forest a little longer than intended, a white tiger had appeared out of the trees and ambushed the two. The woman, having no experience in combat, had frozen in shock after pushing Kota out of the way. In the few moments that Kota watched the tiger dive towards his mother, the terror and fear of losing his mother had struck him hard. With wide eyes, Noona watched as he had somehow managed to halt the animal before forcing it to run away in fear. Glancing at Kota's face, her heart had dropped at the sight of his red kekkei genkai.
Roleplay Sample
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