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to Naruto Gaiden: Arise

It is now in the time of the next generation. The youth are coming forward, flourishing into new roles as genin and opening their opportunity for potential. With the legends of their parents coming to a close, it is now their time to step up and shine. It is their time to rise up. Meanwhile, old and new foes alike bide their time and perfect past mistakes. They move undetected and unseen, moving their pieces across the board in preparation to strike.
Next generation. No word count. 3/3/3 rating.


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Jul 1 2018, 09:06 AM

I just wanted to let everyone know I might be really slow posting for the month of July maybe moving into early August. I am in the process of buying a house (yipee!) and we close in less than 10 days. I'm still packing for the big move in mid-July.

I'll definitely be around in the Discord. I'm too much of a procrastinator not to be. So if you see me there a lot, maybe just kick me and ask how packing is going? Lol.

Fear not, I will be back in action after my move is complete. //
Jun 30 2018, 04:02 PM

Smoke Release

Smoke Release is utilised by the Sasaki clan by combining the elements of fire and wind. Users are capable of moulding chakra to produce smoke within their bodies, to then utilise it in a variety of ways. This includes expelling it through their mouth and nose, while experienced users can even expel smoke through their pores. They are able to produce smoke inside their bodies without repercussion, however, long term exposure without proper breathing equipment has often proved detrimental.

The smoke produced can be used in several ways: as a means to inflict poison upon a target that breathes in the fumes, to suffocate a target, to disguise ones-self amongst a thick cloud and to inflict genjutsu inducing effects upon an opponent through smell. They are also able to manipulate the smoke they produce in order to develop methods for attack, as well as control pre-existing smoke (such as from a camp fire, or cigarette) in order to minimise chakra cost as well as for surprise attacks.


Name: Magen: Jubaku Kemuri (Demonic Illusion: Smoke Binding Technique
Rank: C
Range: Short
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: None
Chakra Consumption: Low
The user emits smoke from their body with a slightly lighter colour. The smoke releases a smell of burning wood, capturing anyone who would smell it within its genjutsu. The target will be frozen in place as smoke starts to curl around their body, almost as though it were binding them to its will. Smoke will start filling their nose, mouth, ears and eyes by force - suffocating them. Upon ending the genjutsu, the opponent will find themselves coughing with lost their breath, as well as their senses being disrupted.

Name: Kemuri no Jutsu (Hiding in Smoke technique)
Rank: C
Range: Short
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: Ox
Chakra Consumption: Low
The user expels smoke from their body, creating a dense hazy layer of smoke across the battlefield. They are then able to move out of sight so long as they are encapsulated in the smoke. The denser the smoke, the more difficult it will be for the opponent to breathe in that space. The user cannot be detected by the Sharingan or Rinnegan by using this technique, however, the Byakugan will expose their form.

Name: Kemuri Bunshin no Jutsu (Smoke Clone Technique)
Rank: B
Range: Short
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: Tiger
Chakra Consumption: Moderate
The user creates an identical clone made of smoke, indistinguishable from its user. They function much like a normal shadow clone, instead bursting into smoke when hit with a hard enough impact. This can be useful for creating a diversion, as the smoke released from the clone can cover an area of about seven feet.

Name: Doku Kuroi (Poison Smoke)
Rank: B
Range: Short to Medium
Class: Offensive
Handseals: Ox
Chakra Consumption: Moderate to High (depending on output)
Forming the seal of Ox, the user is able to emit a purple coloured smoke toxin from their body. This poisonous smoke is deadly when breathed in and can cause effects such as nauseousness, dizziness and can even temporarily paralyse a weaker opponent. The poison is not potent enough to kill someone outright, however, if left untreated for several days after the encounter the person struck with it will most certainly require professional medical attention to treat.

Name: Kuroi Kemuri no Jutsu (Black Smoke Technique)
Rank: A
Range: Medium to Long
Class: Offensive
Handseals: None
Chakra Consumption: High
Kuroi Kemuri no Jutsu is a Smoke Release technique that requires the user to produce a much higher density of smoke, thus creating a blackened colour to techniques. Kuroi Kemuri no Jutsu produces smoke that is extremely hot, this makes it even more dangerous for the user as if the technique is applied incorrectly they risk severely burning themselves. The heat of techniques is similar but not as extreme as Scorch Release; being caught in the smoke will undoubtedly cause horrific burns, where areas hit are more than likely capable of even completely evaporating clothes from the body of the opponent. This technique cannot be applied as a normal smoke technique however, the attacks are concentrated much like Fire Release techniques and must be controlled - even the slightest mistake can completely throw off it's effects.

Jun 30 2018, 04:00 PM

Light Release

Light Release (光遁, Kōton) is an advanced nature Kekkei Genkai form through the simultaneous use of Light and Yang chakra used by the Mizuno Clan.

Light Release grants the user absolute dominance over the element of light; they can control even the light of others. With this ability, the user is capable of utilizing light in both manners of offense and defense. The composition of the light seems to shift from hard (for offensive techniques and several defensive techniques) to it's regular form (for mobility and most defensive techniques) on a whim. However, because they are light, the user's offensive attacks can only travel in straight lines, though in most instances, they are able to be rebounded off surfaces to shoot around corners. In addition, with this ability, the user can defy gravity to eliminate their own weight, making them more mobile and harder to hit.

Name: Kōton: Kōsen no Jutsu
Rank: D
Range: Mid-Far
Class: Offensive
Handseals: 4

The user proceeds through four hand signs and then points his/her palms at a target, then proceeds to fire a burst of concentrated light at the foe, searing the flesh it touches or burning flammable objects.

Others allowed to learn it?Mizuno only.

Name: Kōton: Kussetsu-ho [Refraction Technique]
Rank: D
Range: Short
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: 1

Putting a twist on the Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique, the user uses their proficiency with light release to bend the light around them self to create images. The victim would see a flash of light then whatever image the user wants to show them

Others allowed to learn it? Mizuno only.

Name: Kōton: Kagayaki no jutsu (Light Release: Sparkles Technique)
Rank: E
Range: Short-Mid
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: 1

The ability for the user to create sparkles around their body, whether to be used for dramatics or to appear cute. It was developed by Mizuno children and is used playfully. It can have some practical uses when applied. It can be used as a signaling technique, or many Mizuno children use it to practice controlling light release as they build to larger and more powerful techniques.

Name: Kōton: Mi-me no jutsu (Light Release: Seeing Eye Technique)
Rank: D
Range: Mid-range
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: 3

This ability requires focusing chakra into the eyes, allowing for enhanced vision as the eyes become more sensitive to the smallest of light sources. This skill is most useful at night when the sight of others may falter.

The drawback is it can, over time, hurt the user's vision and require them to need glasses. In severe cases where a user may overuse the technique, they could become blinded. This is typically not the case.

Name: Kōton: Hikari no ha (Light Release: Blades of Light)
Rank: C
Range: Short
Class: Offensive
Handseals: 4

A short-range offensive technique. The user focuses light release chakra into their hands and extends the chakra into small blades. Contact with the blades can cut an opponent, but the user can also use the blades to shock and burn the opponent. The shocking power is not as strong as the burning sensation it causes. Burning with these blades can make severe burns, but the shock is nothing more than a painful static shock that can momentarily surprise or distract an opponent. The only way to make the shocking sensation more severe is finding a way to channel it through metal or water.

This jutsu requires a user to be very close to their opponent in order to make contact. It's similar to fighting with a kunai, except these kunai cannot be thrown from a distance. This is very dangerous for the user as it leaves them open to take deadly attacks. It requires a level of chakra control that is difficult for many users, and this jutsu can be difficult to maintain in fast-paced combat.

Name: Kōton: Hotaru no jutsu (Light Release: Firefly Technique)
Rank: A
Range: Short
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: 6

A technique the Mizuno developed to get around the need for a light source. This technique makes a Mizuno's body become a living source of light. They focus their chakra within their chakra network and emanate a bright light from their pale skin. While activated, they are able to use themselves as a source of light to use their techniques. This makes encasing them in total darkness useless as opposed to other light release users, who would be otherwise unable to use their techniques in total darkness.

This jutsu is extremely difficult to master. It involves pushing chakra out of their chakra network points in a steady stream, which is an impossible feat for most shinobi. It's extremely taxing on an indivdual's chakra and is a technique that cannot be used for long, or even at all if the user has a low chakra reserve. A user must have immense chakra in order to use this technique in addition to other light release attacks. Those who cannot manage this, will usually just act as a light source and let their comrades use them to create attacks. It also makes them a living beacon. An easy target for enemies to locate and attack.

Jun 30 2018, 10:36 AM

Kekkei Genkai

While this kekkei genkai appears all over, its users are primarily from Shimogakure.

Alcohol Release (酒遁, Shuton) is an advanced nature kekkei tōta that allows it's user to defend and attack, using alcohol. Alcohol in a general, non-chemistry sense, describes alcoholic beverages, drinks which contain ethanol. It is water-like, water-soluble, it causes a burn-like sensation, and it's flammable. It's not restricted to ethanol, but extends to other chemicals that are categorized as alcohols as well. This nature is composed of fire, water, and Yin Release.

The strength of alcohols produced change by rank. The release ignites with fire and therefore is weaker to fire than it is to electricity based jutsu, and it is able to cause the opponent to feel intoxicated if they are in contact with the alcohol for too long. Alcohol absorbs through skin contact. There is a downside however, anyone who uses the Alcohol Release jutsu are actually unable to us it multiple times. After using any of it's jutsu ten times they become heavily intoxicated and must cease using it, otherwise after five more uses they will pass out for an entire day. While intoxicated they suffer a massive decrease to the accuracy of all other forms of combat be it jutsu, kenjutsu, taijutsu, etc. Some of the jutsu are poisonous. [They have immunity to alcohol not produced by their bloodline meaning that they never get drunk.]

Strength Comparison
S - Moonshine
A - Vodka
B - Genshu
C - Wine
D - Beer

Advantage: Fire Jutsu will cause the water to ignite at dangerous levels.
Drawback: User becomes intoxicated after the use of ten jutsu in this release and passes out after fifteen due to being hammered.


Name: Foam
Rank: D
Range: Short
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: 2

Elemental - The user will force foam out of this skin that will cover a wound of medium to small severity and the alcohol from the foam will get into the wound causing the alcohol to attempt and repair the wound. Similar to pouring liquor on a wound in real life.

Drawback: Can't be used on allies. Doesn't work on major wounds.


Name: Liquor Burst
Rank: D
Range: Short-Mid
Class: Offensive
Handseals: 3

The user fires out a basket ball sized amount of liquor from their mouth that can cause blunt damage as well as coat the victim in the liquor, allowing the user to use a fire jutsu in order to ignite their enemy and cause harm to them. Can be used to set up traps.

Drawback: Slower than a Kunai and therefore can be dodged easily.


Name: Alcohol Release: Off The Rocker
Rank: C
Range: Short
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: 4

Allows the user to make a small amount of blood red wine that upon consumption allows whoever drunk it to have a small amount of their chakra recover. The user can give out more chakra if they expend more of their own when using the jutsu. Essentially used to help an ally have chakra back in their bodies through consumption.

Drawback: The user loses as much chakra as they place into the jutsu and is unable to recover that amount of chakra back until a twenty-four hour period IC has passed.


Name: Alcohol Release: Jagerbomb
Rank: B
Range: Short
Class: Offensive
Handseals: 4

Elemental - The exact same as water prison jutsu exactly, the difference is that the victim is intoxicated if they remain in the prison for two posts without holding their breath. The reason this is called Jagerbomb is because it can essentially catch fire and explode like a bomb, causing severe damage to whoever is caught inside of the blase radius.

Drawback: User is unable to move while jutsu is in use.


Name: Alcohol Release: Assploding Current
Rank: A
Range: All
Class: Offensive
Handseals: 5

Elemental - The user inhales and releases a large wave of alcohol towards an opponent attempting to run them over and brutalize whoever is swept up in the current. It can be ignited although the flame created from the resulting ignition does no harm to the user of the jutsu. It is able to be ignited automatically without the use of a fire-jutsu to set it off as well if the user has a ember in their mouth.

Drawbacks: The user is unable to determine the path of the jutsu once it is fired and it can be dosed by a Water Jutsu of equal rank.


Name: Alcohol Release: Tipsy Leviathan
Rank: S
Range: Short
Class: Offensive & Supplementary
Handseals: Two

The user forms the ram seal and the rabbit seal and then grabs a hold of their weapon with both hands, channeling his energy through the weapon the weapon is capable of exploding with a massive burst of water pressure each time it makes contact with an object. The burst of water pressure is comparable to a b-rank taijutsu kick to the face. It only covers a one meter by one meter by one meter range once the explosion of liquor commences. A direct hit against a limb can blow it off if combined with the right weapon.

Drawback: No other jutsu can be used when this jutsu is active as he has to channel his chakra to maintain it.


Jun 30 2018, 10:10 AM

Blood Release

Blood Release (血遁, Ketton) is an advanced nature kekkei tōta, an advanced version of kekkei genkai, which is created by combining the water, yin, and yang natures. It is the kekkei genkai of the Akutagawa Clan

This kekkei tōta grants the user the ability to generate excessive amounts of blood and manipulate, animate, solidify and otherwise control it, whether the blood is their own or from their surroundings (blood-bank, hospital, battlefield). The density and pressure of the blood being manipulated can be controlled, and be solidified for practical purposes, whether it be to create a wall to obstruct an incoming attack, or create a plethora of lances to impale a target indefinitely.

It should be noted that while users are given complete control over the manipulation of blood, there are a couple of limitations and drawbacks:

Firstly, users cannot manipulate the blood inside of living organisms, although if it is exposed through a physical wound, it can be manipulated to the extent where more blood cannot be drawn out from the latter's form.

Secondly, Users of the are highly susceptible to anemia and blood-borne illnesses.

The rapid duplication of their own blood may reduce their lifespan.

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