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 Mizuno Clan, [Getsugakure | Other]
 Posted: Jun 30 2018, 09:23 AM

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Origin: Unknown. Rumored Getsugakure.
Location: Main populous in Getsugakure. Multiple populations all over.
Clan Head: Hikaru Mizuno
Bloodline: Light Release


Warning: This history describes ritualistic self-mutilation.

The Mizuno are a reclusive, secretive clan that most often keep to themselves. They stand apart from their village's politics, instead focusing on the internal politics of their clan. They reside on the outskirts of villages, never putting their district anywhere toward the center of action. It is because of this that not much is known about them to the outside world. They remain an enigma much like the Izumi, though an enigma that is not questioned about its existence. Unlike the Izumi, the Mizuno were never forest dwellers that hid away from society.

The origin of the Mizuno is said to be from the Izumi. Thus their saying: "From Darkness Springs Forth Light." And the idea that the Mizuno's red eyes are a reflection of Izumi's dojutsu. The daughter of the first Izumi head having an affair with a mysterious man, leading to the birth of a white-haired child. A genetic mutation causing what otherwise would have been black eyes to appear red. The Izumi, being purists, rejected this child. Once the child was grown, she was ejected from the Izumi clan into the world. Left alone.

The child went on, as the legend goes, to find the clan of the man her mother had slept with. She married into the clan, producing the bloodline that would one day become Mizuno. The pain she suffered in her youth, and the pain of rejection made her arrogantly think she saw the world more clearly. Others who have not experienced pain, she believed, were ignorant about how the world truly worked.

This belief is what led into the Mizuno's future practice of embracing pain and injury to the point of inflicting it on themselves. If someone underwent pain and suffering, it was believed their eyes would open and they would become enlightened to the true nature of life. This morbid belief in self-mutilation does not extend to only physical harm, but also to mental and emotional harm. And it is not limited to pain inflicted by oneself, but pain inflicted by others as well. Any pain, they believe, is good pain. Any pain is a step closer on the path to enlightenment.

It was also these beliefs, as well as bad blood, that led to conflict between Izumi and Mizuno. The Izumi were matriarchal, nature-esque individuals that believed in preservation of nature and life despite their war-mongering nature. The Mizuno disagreed, believing the world and life itself could only be sanctified by destruction and suffering. In a world without enlightenment, there was only darkness. It was these conflicting beliefs and the bitterness of their original creator that led the Mizuno to seek the destruction of the Izumi. The two clans warred, eternally in a wrestling conflict that came to a stalemate.

Aside from that conflict was also tension with Shimogakure's Akutagawa clan. Upon observation of their blood manipulating hiden, the Mizuno became intensely interested in obtaining it. Something like their hiden tied into Mizuno beliefs. Attacking and attempting to recover an Akutagawa's body, it led to a sore relationship between the two clans. Not to mention the Akutagawa's relationship with the Izumi further worsened ties between Akutagawa and Mizuno. The Mizuno became more forceful against the Akutagawa, but their small Shimo sector was ultimately nearly wiped out, causing them to withdraw from their efforts.

Instead, they focused on a war with the Izumi. A war that came down to a boil when the Izumi heiress was 4. A massive attack from the Mizuno slaughtered the Izumi and scattered them across the globe. They failed in killing all the Izumi, most of all the heiress to the clan and members of their royalty. Till this day, the Mizuno hunt down and kill Izumi when word of them hits the wind.


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Light Release (光遁, Kōton) is an advanced nature Kekkei Genkai form through the simultaneous use of Light and Yang chakra.

Light Release grants the user absolute dominance over the element of light; they can control even the light of others. With this ability, the user is capable of utilizing light in both manners of offense and defense. The composition of the light seems to shift from hard (for offensive techniques and several defensive techniques) to it's regular form (for mobility and most defensive techniques) on a whim. However, because they are light, the user's offensive attacks can only travel in straight lines, though in most instances, they are able to be rebounded off surfaces to shoot around corners. In addition, with this ability, the user can defy gravity to eliminate their own weight, making them more mobile and harder to hit.

Name: Kōton: Kōsen no Jutsu
Rank: D
Range: Mid-Far
Class: Offensive
Handseals: 4

The user proceeds through four hand signs and then points his/her palms at a target, then proceeds to fire a burst of concentrated light at the foe, searing the flesh it touches or burning flammable objects.

Others allowed to learn it?Mizuno only.

Name: Kōton: Kussetsu-ho [Refraction Technique]
Rank: D
Range: Short
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: 1

Putting a twist on the Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique, the user uses their proficiency with light release to bend the light around them self to create images. The victim would see a flash of light then whatever image the user wants to show them

Others allowed to learn it? Mizuno only.

Name: Kōton: Kagayaki no jutsu (Light Release: Sparkles Technique)
Rank: E
Range: Short-Mid
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: 1

The ability for the user to create sparkles around their body, whether to be used for dramatics or to appear cute. It was developed by Mizuno children and is used playfully. It can have some practical uses when applied. It can be used as a signaling technique, or many Mizuno children use it to practice controlling light release as they build to larger and more powerful techniques.

Name: Kōton: Mi-me no jutsu (Light Release: Seeing Eye Technique)
Rank: D
Range: Mid-range
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: 3

This ability requires focusing chakra into the eyes, allowing for enhanced vision as the eyes become more sensitive to the smallest of light sources. This skill is most useful at night when the sight of others may falter.

The drawback is it can, over time, hurt the user's vision and require them to need glasses. In severe cases where a user may overuse the technique, they could become blinded. This is typically not the case.

Name: Kōton: Hikari no ha (Light Release: Blades of Light)
Rank: C
Range: Short
Class: Offensive
Handseals: 4

A short-range offensive technique. The user focuses light release chakra into their hands and extends the chakra into small blades. Contact with the blades can cut an opponent, but the user can also use the blades to shock and burn the opponent. The shocking power is not as strong as the burning sensation it causes. Burning with these blades can make severe burns, but the shock is nothing more than a painful static shock that can momentarily surprise or distract an opponent. The only way to make the shocking sensation more severe is finding a way to channel it through metal or water.

This jutsu requires a user to be very close to their opponent in order to make contact. It's similar to fighting with a kunai, except these kunai cannot be thrown from a distance. This is very dangerous for the user as it leaves them open to take deadly attacks. It requires a level of chakra control that is difficult for many users, and this jutsu can be difficult to maintain in fast-paced combat.

Name: Kōton: Hotaru no jutsu (Light Release: Firefly Technique)
Rank: A
Range: Short
Class: Supplementary
Handseals: 6

A technique the Mizuno developed to get around the need for a light source. This technique makes a Mizuno's body become a living source of light. They focus their chakra within their chakra network and emanate a bright light from their pale skin. While activated, they are able to use themselves as a source of light to use their techniques. This makes encasing them in total darkness useless as opposed to other light release users, who would be otherwise unable to use their techniques in total darkness.

This jutsu is extremely difficult to master. It involves pushing chakra out of their chakra network points in a steady stream, which is an impossible feat for most shinobi. It's extremely taxing on an indivdual's chakra and is a technique that cannot be used for long, or even at all if the user has a low chakra reserve. A user must have immense chakra in order to use this technique in addition to other light release attacks. Those who cannot manage this, will usually just act as a light source and let their comrades use them to create attacks. It also makes them a living beacon. An easy target for enemies to locate and attack.

  • Members of this clan with a pure Mizuno bloodline are characterized by white hair, red eyes, and pale skin. They look nearly albino in appearance.
  • Mizuno social structure is not as complex as the Izumi's. They have a royal bloodline that is used to determine successors, basing the purity of bloodline on how closely related the family is to the original Mizuno. Mixed-blood Mizuno would never be considered, thus indicating they do retain some of the Izumi's purist ideals.
  • Due to their beliefs concerning pain, Mizuno are very pain-tolerant and vicious shinobi, capable of withstanding interrogation tactics and fighting despite severe injury. Their willingness to inflict pain onto themselves also makes them strong against genjutsu.
  • While Mizuno are strong against genjutsu, they are weaker against the Izumi's dojutsu.
  • This clan has shown the most development of light release users. Nearly all its clan members have this advanced release. It is theorized the genetic mutation that is prominent in the clan, which gives them their albino-esque appearance, is somehow connected in the mutated manifestation of light release.
  • This theory is further proven by the rate of light release in pure-blooded Mizuno as opposed to mixed-blooded Mizuno. The rate is higher for those of pure bloodline.
  • The most common affinity for this clan is lightning release. Those who are not born with the affinity are forced to learn it due to its necessity for light release.
  • The main Mizuno clan currently resides in Getsugakure. This is the location of the royal family. The royal family are considered the overall leaders and bloodline of the clan. The main clan is, by far, the largest. Multiple satellite sections of the Mizuno clan reside all over. Each satellite clan has a member who acts as a secondary leader and is trusted to make decisions for the betterment of the clan. They are appointed by the royal family.
  • The origin story of the Mizuno is further proven by the fact that, in rare circumstances, Izumi are born with the same genetic mutation causing their eyes to appear red instead of black. It is further pointed out that, like Izumi, Mizuno have fanged teeth and claws.
Others are allowed to join, please notify me. No members of the royal family.

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