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to Naruto Gaiden: Arise

It is now in the time of the next generation. The youth are coming forward, flourishing into new roles as genin and opening their opportunity for potential. With the legends of their parents coming to a close, it is now their time to step up and shine. It is their time to rise up. Meanwhile, old and new foes alike bide their time and perfect past mistakes. They move undetected and unseen, moving their pieces across the board in preparation to strike.
Next generation. No word count. 3/3/3 rating.


Current Events: N/A
Next Chunin Exam: July

1 IC month = 2 OOC months


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 Posted: Oct 10 2017, 03:48 PM
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Please be sure to read and follow both the in character and out of character rules for this site.

  • Be respectful to your fellow roleplayers. Be courteous and kind. Any and all prejudice or rudeness should be kept within the confines of an in character interaction.
  • Please do your best to have proper grammar and spelling. We understand that English isn't everybody's first language, but spell check is your friend! It is easier to communicate with other people and can also help you improve your language skills.
  • NG:A is a mature (3-3-3) site and, as such, you may come across mature content on this board. It is the responsibility of the roleplayers to mark a thread that has mature content by clicking on the MATURE button when creating the post. This can be edited in later if you are unsure whether or not the thread will contain such content.
  • Avatars are 250x400. Avatars not matching to this size will be automatically re-scaled.
  • We have no word count. Please communicate with your rp partners if you have a desired length when roleplaying.
  • Every action has a reaction. For example, if you fail a S-rank mission, a nin could be shunned by the village, denounced by the Kage, or be unable to take S-rank missions for a period of time. This goes for roleplay posts, too. If your character tries to assassinate the Kage, there will be repercussions involving them being kicked out of the village and marked as a rogue.
  • Be reasonable and realistic. There is very little chance that a genin who is fighting a S-rank criminal nin would make it out of the battle on top. It is okay to lose sometimes, and we expect the members here on NG:A to acknowledge that.
  • Though the above is true, characters cannot be killed without consent.
  • No godmodding or metagaming is allowed. This is viewed as a big no-no in roleplaying and is not only rude, but unfair. Click on each term to learn what they mean.
  • We have an easy post template for anyone to use if they'd like, but it's not required. Just use [*post][*/post] tags (without asterisks) wrapped around your text!
About Applications
  • To find the application form and information, check here.
  • You must register your character account with a first name (first) and last name (second).
  • You must fill out the alias portion of your profile upon registration. Use a name that you would like to be called OOC. This helps everyone know who plays which characters on the site. Your alias must be the same for every character you control.
  • We are a story-driven site. Because of this, our application and process is open to a member's creative freedom. Staff still reserve the right to step in should a character be majorly unrealistic, even after said character is approved. We are not suitable for players looking for a PVP experience.
  • If a WIP application is not completed within one (1) week, it will be archived. An archived application can be recovered, just talk to a staff member.
  • You may have as many characters as you'd like.
  • Characters are archived after one (1) month of inactivity, unless an absence is posted. They are recoverable if/when you return.
  • Canons become re-adoptable after two (2) weeks of inactivity, unless an absence is posted. If you will be gone for over one (1) month, the canon may become re-adoptable, depending on how critical to the plot your canon is.
The Moderation thread is for you to post to get the attention of any staff member. Need a thread moved? Post deleted? Need an image or gif cropped? Simply post there and let us know! A member of the staff team will take care of it ASAP for you.

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